Olleros: From the highlands to the sea

We leave Lima by car heading south. Once we get to the town Chilca, we start climbing until we arrive to a town called Santa Maria de los Olleros, where the descent begins.

The trail: It starts at 3,400 m.a.s.l. (11,154 ft), with 20 kilometers of single tracks of continuous descent, going through parts of the mountain range and coastal deserts. The second part of the descent has 30 kilometers and is a trail along a dry river, a surface not commonly found in other parts of the world. The trail ends in the Pacific coasts.

Difficulty: level Intermediate


Pachacamac, it´s a must

Pachacamac is an archaeological site located at the right edge of the Lurin River, very close to the Pacific Ocean, only 45 minutes away from Lima. The valley is surrounded by knolls perfectly designed for Mountain Bike.

The trail: the trails vary depending on what the client wants. There are trails for all levels of difficulty.

Difficulty: level Suitable for all


Callahuanca, the land of Chrimoyas

The Callahuanca town is famous for the generosity of its lands and because it has good weather all year long. Its fertile lands give us a great variety of fruits, being the Chirimoya (Peruvian fruits) the most important crop of the area.

The trail: We begin by pedaling up a soil road approximately for one hour, arriving at the start of the descent. This trail is a road that connects different towns in the mountains of Huarochiri, and goes through the forests of chirimoya. The first section of the drop has a lot of stones, but it then becomes more fluid.

Difficulty: level Intermediate