Lo que dice nuestros invitados

“Cusco for biking is RAW. You ride on ancient trails, by Inca citadels, and you get to know real deep authentic local stuff, thanks to the deep knowledge of these guys.”

Felipe Vial - Santiago, Chile

“You only need to have the right time and have your bike in perfect conditions, because they take care of all the rest, and it’s really surprising.”

Nicolas Prudencio - Santiago, Chile

“I want to give a shout out to Nicolas and Vicente of Peruvian Mountain Rides! These guys are not only top Peruvian Enduro racers, but they run one of the best mountain bike guiding companies in the world. We had four absolutely spectacular days with these professional and fun guides. We rode secret gems that turned out to be arguably some of the very best riding in the world; think ancient Incan stairs (bring your big boy pants and some SKILZ), canyons, deep gorges, massive vistas at over 15,000ft, riding past and through ruins, connecting with ancient cultures, stopping at hot springs...... We had an amazing cook who prepared delicious and nutritious food for us. We road brand new Specialized Enduro bikes just built up the previous day. We easily and quickly moved around with a driver for shuttles in a nice truck. They were incredibly knowledgeable. We had a one to one guide to client ratio (Luke and I....and Nico and Chente)!!! Seriously!!! They had a very comfortable guest house where we felt right at home (especially with their two awesome pups)! And.....it’s only getting better. They are building a guest lodge in the Sacred Valley that will be done soon. I have ridden all over the world and this place is right there at the top of the list. It far exceeded all expectations. And.....these guys are simply the BEST! We can’t wait to return!!!!! Book. Your. Trip.”

Ashlie Angel - Durango Colorado, USA

“Llaullipata is the backyard of Cusco: on one side you have the historical center and on the other, the mountains. Thinking in the competitive way, it is a good place to do the pre-season, to train or just to have a good time”

Nicolas Palacios - Concepcion, Chile

“Peru Mountain Rides is awesome. Nicolas and Vicente are talented riders, quality guides, and all-around great guys. What more could you ask for than to shred some of the best singletrack on the continent with excellent riders and finish with a killer microbrew, from a local brewery that sponsors them? As an ex-mountain bike guide who has ridden all over the world, I cannot recommend this company highly enough. They are easily the best guiding outfit in Cusco and the Sacred Valley. ”

John Reid-Hresko - Squiamish BC, Canada